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How Do I Rig Scrims?

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Show Me the Reveal Effect:

Reveal effect shows a person or setting appearing magically with a light change. This effect is commonly used on stage, but can be used in churches and museums and retail.

Scrim special reveal effects with Chameleon™ Scrims Scrim reveal effects with Chameleon™ Scrims Reveal effects with Chameleon™ Scrims

Tell Me How to Get the Reveal Effect:

3 Steps to the Reveal Effect with Chameleon™ Scrims The reveal effect is accomplished with a simple light change. Essentially you light what you want to see (while being careful to not light what you don't want to see). Light the guy behind the scrim to see him--but don't light the scrim. Light the scrim to make the guy disappear--but make sure light is off the guy.

What Colors Are There? How to Choose a Color?

14 Colors of Chameleon™ Scrims There are fourteen published colors and 2 unplublished colors (MidNite Blue and Camel). Most stage applications use one of the Grays (Pearl, Medium or Dark Gray). The best way to choose a color is to think of what you want it to appear like or represent for the scene downstage of the scrim. Pearl Gray is the most versatile, because when used as a background under white light (no gelling) it could be a sky, a mist, a wall or nothingness.

Can I Hang Chameleon™ as a Wall? a Wall with a Corner? or as a Pillar?

Room Dividers and Scrim Walls with Chameleon™ Scrims You don't have to hang scrim as a flat plane, or full stage width--you can get creative. You can even cut holes/ windows in it. Chameleon™ can have sharp bends, windows, or smooth wave wall transitions.

You can even define retail spaces like offices and restaurants with it.

And try printed Chameleon to put art on your walls.

Can I Hang Chameleon™ as a Ceiling?

Projection Ceiling with Chameleon™ Scrims Chameleon™ makes a great ceiling. It can drape, or hold flat (it doesn't stretch). It's very lightweight which makes hanging it easy. Most people hang it from a pipe on one side to a pipe on the other side of the room.

Retail spaces like offices and restaurants love it.

And try hanging it as a wave ceiling (just bend the pipes to a wave shape, and Chameleon ™ will follow that shape).

And you can project on it as shown in the picture from the Greensboro Science Museum.

What 9 Sharkstooth Scrim Problems Does Chameleon ™ Solve?

9 Solutions with Chameleon™ Scrims Do you hate sharkstooth and the problems it creates, but love the look? Chameleon™ scrims solve lots of traditional scrim issues..