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How Do I Make a Growing Tree for Nutcracker

It turns out to be easy. You can hang a scrim printed to be the tree.

Since Chameleon™ scrim is both strong and lightweight, and because a Christmas Tree is basically a triangle, you can attach two grommets to the top of the tree and lift it. It starts with most of the tree folded on the stage. Now you lift the tree. As it rises it grows.

If you use a special folding technique you can fold some of the tree to the back out of the way and even make it look somewhat dimensional as it rises.

Studio Productions Logo Once you raise the tree to full height, the light can change and you can see dancers and setting behind the tree.

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Tips & Tricks to Make a Tree Grow

Ideas to make the effect even better

  • Use at least two grommets attached to the top. This prevents any failure upon lifting. Hide these grommets with a star on top of the tree.
  • Print against a grey or black background for the tree. Tree is a triangle, but the scalloped parts under the branches need to disappear.
  • Careful folding can allow the tree to appear dimensional, by folding some of the material away from the audience.
  • This only works with Chameleon™ Scrim. It won't work with sharkstooth.
  • A lightweight backdrop like ProShowDrop™ can work for a growing tree if you want an opaque (non see-through) tree.
  • A Chameleon™ tree in a 15' x 20' size would weigh only 4 pounds. A ProShowDrop™ tree of the same size would weigh about 20 pounds. These weights are the tree not the pipe weights.

Nutcracker Tree Grows and Disappears

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